Moe's Shop - 6 Pills of Blue Varon VGR - Maximum Male Performance with Every Pill
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6 Pills of Blue Varon VGR - Maximum Male Performance with Every Pill

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6 Pills of Blue Varon VGR - Maximum Male 

Performance with Every Pill

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Blue Varon VGR is Just one Pill and 1 Hour to Maximize your Sexual Stamina and Masculine Power. Stronger, Harder Erections and Lasting. All with 100% Natural Ingredients.

Experience your Max Sexual Potency, Virility and Energy with Blue Varon! In Just 1 Hour you can experience Levels of Passion, Libido and Stamina like you've never experienced before.

1 Pill, 1 Hour,  One WILD Night .... Guaranteed 100% Natural Ingredients!

If you've lost a little bit of the Fire where it counts, or you're suffering from common Male ailments such as Premature Eyaculation, Weak Erections, Low Sex Drive, Long Time in between being able to perform or if you're Young and you simply want Extra Energy to Keep Going or you need a good "Boost" then Blue Varon is for you.

How does Blue Varon?

Blue Varon gives you results from the FIRST time! Blue Varon is a concentrated pill made of a patented formula of 100% Natural Ingredients designed to increase Circulation to your pelvic area as well as strengthen the Male Hormones in as little as 1 Hour.

Blue varon may help your sex life by:

  • Increasing Circulation to the Male reproductive system.
  • Strengthening and enhancing the Glandular system.
  • Enhances the Effects of Testosterone and other male hormones.
  • Gives you an energy boost.

How do you use Blue Varon?

It's the simplest thing you'll ever do! Just take Blue Varon 1 hour before you intend to need it.

Although it is preferible that you take Blue Varon with a non-alcoholic beverage, Blue Varon is so concentrated that it will stil work if you have an alcoholic drink (in moderation of course).

How long will it take to work and how long does it last?

Blue Varón is Fast Acting, You can feel the effects in as little as 1 Hour and the benefits of Blue Varon may be felt for up to 12 hours.


We know you'll want to keep using Blue Varon so we're offering you a significant discount when you buy more Pills! Remember you only need 1 Blue Varon every time you need an extra boost in bed.

What are the ingredients?

Blue Varon is 100 Percent Natural. Every tablet contains 500 mg of a special Natural Blend which contains:

Maca (Lepidum Meyenii Walp), Jalea Real (Jalea Real), Abrojo (Tribulus terrestris), Damiana de California (Turnera Diffusa), Guarana (Paullinia Cupana), Zarzaparrilla (Smilax Aspera), Muira Puama (Acanthea Virilis), Ginsent (Panax G. Meyer), Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens), Catuaba (Erythroxylum Catuaba), Polen (Polen), Ginko Biloba, Arginina (L-Arginina), Colina (Biltartro de Colina), Vitamin B12, Vitamina B6.

Who can Use Blue Varon?

Blue Varón is meant for Men [Only, Sorry Ladies!  :( ],  who are 21 years old or over and in good physical health without any heart or blood pressure issues.

As always Blue Varon is a Nutritional Supplement and you should consult with your Physician before using if you're taking medication or under Physicians care. Results may vary. This product is not meant to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. Please use responsibly.